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Due to recent advances in web standards and technology, Tibetan-language documents can be displayed online quickly and easily in freely available Web browsers. Web browsers now have the ability to display Tibetan-language documents using Tibetan fonts. Proprietary technology is not needed.

See what webTibetan looks like by downloading our free font and looking at sample pages.

System Requirements
An explanation of system requirements for seeing WebTibetan in your browser;

How To
Simple methods for creating your own webTibetan language documents for the web,

Sanskrit Diacritics
Chris Fynn explains how to create web documents containing properly displayed Sanskrit diacritics;

Learn more about the standards that make WebTibetan possible; and

Troubleshooting Issues
Troubleshoot issues that may arise in creating such documents.

White Paper
Download a white paper on creating WebTibetan documents for online display.

 WebTibetan examples 

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