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Nitartha international Vision

Nitartha international was established to help preserve the rare texts and art of Asia, with a primary focus on Tibet. Our aim is not only to save these treasures, but also to make the living traditions of wisdom they embody available to the world community.

Our main work is the preservation and reproduction of the endangered texts of the East, which are a great source of ancient wisdom that is relevant and beneficial for the modern mind. We primarily work with Tibetan texts using today's computer technology to accomplish our goals.

We are also working to reproduce some of the finest pieces of painting through supporting present-day artists who carry on the Karma-gardri tradition, which flourished in 15th century Tibet.

Overview Of Nitartha's Projects

Providing technology to transform traditional Tibetan texts published on rice paper into digital form is an important part of Nitartha's work. "Digital Pecha" is an original calligraphy by The Dzogchen Ponlop, Rinpoche.

To accomplish our vision, we work with leading scholars and educators, experienced Tibetan translators, software programmers and other professionals. Our major initiatives include the following:

Editing and publishing of digital texts in traditional pecha and book formats, and in digital formats

Translating classical Buddhist texts into English, with plans for translation into different languages

Tibetan Software and Fonts
Developing custom Tibetan-language word processing and data analysis software and fonts

Preservation of Texts
Preserving endangered texts in digital formats at our Document Input Center by inputting them into computers

Nitartha Institute
Embracing traditional and contemporary systems of education and bringing the ancient wisdom of the East to the modern Western world through Nitartha Institute.

Collecting texts and fine art, such as Tibetan paintings (thangka), to make them available for the public

Special Projects

Our special projects include creation of a Dictionary of terms from the main Tibetan traditions, publication of a Tibetan calendar, and art projects, such as the restoration of traditional thangkas.

Preserving Tibet's cultural heritage

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