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Nitartha international Publishing Guidelines

Nitartha's publications are guided by our commitment to support the authentic transmission of Buddhism from Asia to the west. We also believe that the vitality of Buddhism in a western context depends on support of authentic traditions and educational systems in the east. By working together in a mutually supportive and authentic manner, Buddhism will naturally adopt the forms of the western cuture, like water adopts the shape and color of the vessel into which it is poured, but remains in itself essentially pure water.

Eight Great Texts of the Kagyu
Our current support for traditional educational systems involves focusing on the Eight Great Texts of the Kagyu.

Supporting the Shedra
These texts are the basis of studies in the traditional shedra (monastic university).

Through the Nitartha Translation Project, Nitartha is also making these texts available in western languages, and through Institute publications, those translated texts form the basis for the Institute's advanced Buddhist studies programs in North America and Europe.

Publication of Digital Texts
In addition, we are also working to bring modern technological advances to the publication of traditional texts, by making them available in digital formats, or as "e-texts."

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