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How Nitartha international is Organized

Nitartha international is a New York educational corporation created by authority of the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York, and is a member organization of the University of the State of New York. The corporation has been  granted 501(c)(3) status and donations are tax deductible to  the full extent of the law.

For information on joining Nitartha, please see our membership page.

Nitartha´s charter is to provide secular and impartial advice and assistance for Asian cultural institutions. Nitartha international is an educational, not a religious, corporation. Our work supports institutions affiliated with various schools of Tibetan Buddhism, but Nitartha international does not advocate any particular religious preference in performing its work.

Nitartha is advised by Khenchen Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche and was founded by Dzogchen Ponlop, Rinpoche, each among the most prominent scholars and educators of Tibetan studies of their generation. Nitartha is under the direction of a Board of Trustees, who oversee Nitartha international´s compliance with laws and guidelines of the New York Board of Regents.

The corporation has been provisionally chartered by the Board of Regents and has adopted a  collection policy based on guidelines promulgated by the New York State Department  of Education. Under New York educational corporation law, Nitartha international  must meet high standards for running a nonprofit educational institution.

The New York Board of Regents, the body which oversees the University of the State of New York, also oversees Nitartha's functioning. Federal and State laws require managers to maintain high ethical standards, mandate careful accounting of nonprofit corporate activities and facilitate professional management of nonprofit institutions.

Nitartha provides management and technical support and guidance for the Nitartha international Document Input Center , our sister organization in Kathmandu, Nepal. Honorary Chairman

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