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Photo by Ryszard Frankiewiscz Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche is the primary advisor to Nitartha international on Tibetan educational systems and serves as the Honorary Chairman of the Board of Nitartha international.

Khenpo Rinpoche is revered for his accomplishment both as a scholar and practitioner, and respected for his work in fields of studies within each of four major divisions of Tibetan studies. One of the most accomplished educators of Tibetan studies living today, he was awarded the rare Geshe Lharampa degree, one of the highest  degrees attainable in the Tibetan academy.

A senior abbot of the Nalanda Institute of Tibetan Studies in Rumtek Sikkim, his teaching was instrumental in educating most of the younger generation of Tibetan teachers of the Karma Kagyu tradition. The author of numerous books and articles, including Lorik and Takrik, he has been a pillar of the Tibetan educational system for much of his life.

For the last few decades, Khenpo Rinpoche has unfailingly and with enormous generosity shared his wisdom with Westerners. For many years he has been teaching Western audiences, and his erudition and accomplishment have benefited numerous individuals and institutions with invaluable and irreplaceable contributions.

Since 1975, Khenpo Rinpoche has trained and produced many Western translators through in-depth instruction in key Tibetan texts. In 1986, he established Marpa Institute for translators, located in Nepal, well-known for a producing a number of accomplished translators of Tibetan into Western languages. He provided the primary commentary facilitating the translation of Mahamudra: the Ocean of Wisdom (forthcoming from Nitartha international Publications).

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