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Nitartha Institute preserves a 1,200 year old Tibetan Buddhist tradition of analytical meditation, contemplative study, and dharma conversation and debate.

The Institute is modeled on the Tibetan tradition of monastic colleges, or shedra, which combine Buddhist scholarship and practice in an atmosphere of lively dialogue. It provides a unique combination of in-depth teaching, study, and analytical meditation to give Westerners a sound basis for understanding Vajrayana, Mahamudra, and Dzogchen schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Through the transmission of teachings and translations of key texts and their commentaries, the Institute is helping to transplant this ancient oral and philosophical tradition to the ground of the West.

Nitartha Institute convenes for annual programs each summer in Europe and North America, as well as for shorter programs throughout North America. The launch of this web site marks the first phase of planning for home-study via the internet.

Photo credit: Ryszard FrackiewiczUnder the guidance of eminent teachers of the Kagyu and Nyingma lineages of Tibetan Buddhism, participants study, practice, and question what they learn in an atmosphere of generosity, quick-witted good humor, and gentle yet rigorous analysis.

Nitartha Institute has its own website at


Please visit it to learn more about Nitartha Institute.

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