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We have gathered all the downloads available from this site in one place.


Ranjung Yeshe Dictionary search utility

Sambhota Dictionary Search for OSX version 10.2.6 (Jaguar) for the Mac (gzip format)

This search software works with the September 2003 release of the
Rangjung Yeshe Tibetan-English dictionary, for users with OSX 10.2.6 for the Mac.

Previous version of the search utility (replaced by new version)

Dictionary Search 1.0, a utility for search the Rangjung Yeshe Tibetan-English dictionary (personal edition) or any glossary of your choosing. More information on Dsearch is available here

Download Dictionary Search 1.0
(The program and instructions are contained in a 187k zip file. Download and unzip the file, and follow the installation instructions in the readme file. For an unzipping tool, we suggest Winzip .)

Digital Tibetan Calendar

The Complete Tibetan Calendar for January 2004 is available for free download from here. (1.7 megs Adobe Acrobat file; requires Adobe Reader (free from Adobe).

For more information about the calendar, please see our section on the digital/PDA version of the Complete Tibetan Calendar.


Nitartha international White Papers


How to put Tibetan-language documents on the web.

Adobe Acrobat format    (245 k)


Microsoft Word 6 format    (147 k)

Microsoft Word 97 format     (204 k)

Chinese Language Documents

ch_2nd_89a Nitartha international brochure

ch_3rd_89aBiography of Dzogchen Ponlop, Rinpoche

Font Files

Nitartha-Sambhota font for viewing Tibetan-language files on this site

 Download the Nitartha-Sambhota web font
(36 k zipped version of true type font. Download, unzip the file and install it in your system font folder. For an unzipping tool, we suggest Winzip .)

Nitartha international sample diacritics font for viewing the Sanskrit diacritics discussion on this site (43 k true type font. Download and install it in your system font folder.)

Fonts for reading ACIP Tibetan texts

These fonts are being distributed at the special request of the Asian Classics Input Program to facilitate reading ACIP files in the Tibetan language. Please visit the special section of our site for downloading these fonts.

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