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An animation of the process of digitizing Tibetan texts, based on "Digital Pecha," the calligraphy by The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche; to repeat the animation, refresh the page (F5)

Precious texts, a great source of wisdom for our world, are preserved and made accessible through Nitartha's efforts of digitizing the collected works of Tibet. We utilize today's computer technology to accomplish this goal, which entails several stages:

Stage 1
Experts in the field identify endangered texts, which are located in various areas of the world.

Stage 2
At our Document Input Center, we input these texts into digital formats.

Stage 3
We check the digital  texts for accuracy.

Stage 4
Leading scholars then work with the digital texts to prepare them for publication, either in traditional print formats or as digital texts.

Stage 5
We also translate important texts into English, and plan for translation into other languages.

Stage 6
These books are then used in educational programs at traditional and western Buddhist institutions.

Stage 7
Printed texts are provided free to teachers and educational institutions most in need.

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