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by the 9th Karmapa, Wangchuk Dorje
334 pages, pecha format (2.5" x 14")

Chikshe-kundrol is a collection of some one hundred sadhanas of peaceful and wrathful deities, empowerment texts, and histories. Renowned among Karma Kagyu masters, this vitally important text has been out of print for many years. Many masters use or refer to this text regularly, but have had to make do with a many generations-old photocopy of the  text,  which resulted in a extremely poor quality edition that was very difficult to read.

The new edition from Nitartha has vastly improved the print quality by computer-generating the Tibetan script anew, and reprinting the text in pecha format. Our scholars also added a table of contents and performed necessary editing. We chose to reprint this important text in order to help preserve the lineage teachings and to accommodate the needs of the Kagyu masters of Vajrayana Buddhist institutions.

The new edition of the text was input at the Nitartha Document Input Center in Kathmandu, Nepal. The text was proofread and edited by The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche and other eminent editors working with us. Tendzin Namdak performed the formatting and print-preparation work.

We thank those who sponsored the printing of the text and preparation of the traditional pecha-covers: Sue and Stella Young, Edward Gee, Lyle Weinstein, Riza To, Mimi Ng and King Louie, Joyce Lam, Amita Gupta and others. We also extend our thanks to the Nitartha staff and other volunteers who have worked very hard, and to all the generous sponsors of Nitartha projects. Nitartha Institute Publications.

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