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Tibetan Calendar

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Complete Tibetan Calendar

Astrology is an ancient system of knowledge found in the earliest known civilizations, as they observed the sky, made calculations, and predicted events. It was once considered a profound science, tied quite closely to spirituality and also to the ancient systems of medicine. The tradition of Tibetan astrology holds great value for those interested in preserving this ancient form of culture and knowledge, as well as for those who see its applications as a system of knowledge and prediction in our current time.

The Complete Tibetan Calendar is published through the joint efforts of Nitartha international and Nalandabodhi, non-profit organizations supporting the preservation of endangered Tibetan cultural traditions. The calendar helps continue the important Tibetan cultural tradition of calendar computation and astrological forecasting, an activity vital to Tibetan communities around the world.

For future printed versions of the calendar, Nitartha is happy to announce the continuation of a successful collaboration with Snow Lion Publications. This joint effort has allowed us to present the calendar in a new, visually stunning formats of 12 full color pages (12"x24" open), as depicted in the accompanying photo of the calendar for the month of January, 2005. Like the 2005 calendar, future years will contain 12 high-quality photos depicting Tibetan thangka art, as well as a unique photo of HH the 17th Karmapa. The printed version is available for purchase from Snow Lion Publications and Nalandabodhi centers in North America.

Nitartha Technology

The Complete Tibetan Calendar is a good example of Nitartha's use of technology to present ancient wisdom for the modern mind. The computational information in the Nitartha calendar is calculated using a computer program developed under the auspices of Nitartha International in 1998. The calculation methodology for the calendar was provided by Dr. Karma Drubgyud Tendhar, who is proficient in the traditional Tibetan system of calendar calculation. Dr. Tendhar worked with Demetrius Johnson, a computer programmer. Dr. Tendhar continues to consult on the calculation of each yearly calendar.

The Calendar also continues the tradition of Buddhist art, as represented in the well-known tradition of Thangka painting. One of the primary founders of Buddhism in Tibet was Padmasambhava, who came to Tibet from India in the 8th Century C.E. The calendar is illustrated with detailed photographs from an original Tibetan thangka painting of Guru Rinpoche in his varied roles as a Buddhist teacher, called “The Eight Manifestations.”

The Tibetan Systems of Calendar Calculation

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